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Private Custom Tours

All Canyon Dave Private Tours are just you and your friends and family. In most cases we can alter your itinerary any way you wish. The full day is $1,500 plus tax. Include up to 14 people (10-12 are more comfortable).

Stormy Day

On a Private Custom Tour, any of our normal routes, times, and activities may be modified and can be added or subtracted. Our standard tour is the Ultimate Your . Check it to decide how you would like to modify it for just you and your family and friends. Common modifications include changes to your start and end times, or airport pick ups and transfers. There will be no extra cost for modifying a private custom tour.

By all means, call our operator today to reserve your private custom tour! Bookings fill early, especially March thru October. He is loaded with Grand Canyon tour and site information. He has the best bookings and prices.

Planning and booking: 877-845-3283.

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