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Grand Canyon Tours

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All Canyon Dave Private Tours are just you and your friends and family. In most cases we can alter your itinerary any way you wish. The full day is $1,500 plus tax; half day is $900. Include up to 14 people (10-12 are more comfortable). Full day private tours pick up in any hotel including Sedona. We can customize any private tour any way you like.

Private South Rim Walking Tour

Semi-level Walks with Stunning Views


A private walking tour can include many of the viewpoints on your other tour choices, but we will be on foot near the rim for more of our time. Each walk will be about 100 yards to about 1 mile maximum. We will shuttle to several rim trails in order to get the best views. There are no difficult marches, none over an hour, and we will not descend into the Grand Canyon.

We also have longer walk options for those with a desire to really get away from it all. These are moderate hikes, reasonably level, and they don't descend into the Canyon. We will walk through the forest for about .5 to 1.5 miles, where we pay special attention to the plants, animals, birds and beautiful rocks we encounter along the way. Each culminates at a very isolated and spectacular viewpoint on the rim of the Canyon. It is unlikely that we will see any other people on these walks. The entire walk round-trip is an easy-going 2 to 3 hours, and is only available when the weather permits.

Walking Group Tour
The Walking Tour includes all the trademark activities of Canyon Dave Tours such as the interactive geology talk with real rock specimens from each layer. Your guide will have these in his backpack, awaiting a beautiful viewpoint for a brief stop. You will rest on rock ledges while you learn how Grand Canyon formed.

As we walk, we will stop here and there to talk and take pictures. We will examine the plants and any animals we see. Your guide will carry additional surprises in his pack, and you will be provided snacks and water or a selection of other beverages to carry with you.

If you prefer a more active tour, but not overly strenuous, take our Private Walking Tour!

Call our tour specialist today to reserve your van! Bookings fill early, especially March thru October.

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