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Why are Group Tours different?

Group dynamics is a special branch of psychology, and a happy group on vacation is a world apart from, say, a single person or a visiting couple. In short, a group will scarcely resemble any individual in the group.

It is this dynamic that makes group tours so interesting and fun. As Forrest Gump said, "You never know what you're going to get." On our many Grand Canyon group outings, our guides take delight in this diversity. While we avoid controvercial topics like religion or politics, there is lots of room for fresh ideas and points of view. So we foster discussion rather than just spewing information like a TV that no one is watching. We hope you will join the conversation!

"Wow. What a blast. Canyon Dave gave pictures of time as allegories illustrating the history of Grand Canyon in a magnificent way. Even our teenagers loved Dave's stories. If Dave had been my professor, I would have become a geologist." --From one of our Trip Advisor reviews.

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