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No Tour? What You'll Miss!

You might have wondered, can you tour Grand Canyon on your own?

Secret #4: Ten Things You Might Not Discover On Your Own

by Canyon Dave

A short trail walk on a Grand Canyon South Rim Tour

1. The best viewpoints along the east rim.
2. The fun of being with your guide and new friends.
3. Using binoculars or telescope to spy distant trails with hikers and mule trains.
4. Seeing up close Cheyava Falls and the hikers bridge over the Colorado River.
5. Learning first hand the history of Grand Canyon.
6. Examining rock specimens to learn the geology of "the best exposure on Earth of sedimentary layers."
7. Having someone point out far-away features like Phantom Ranch and Bright Angel Creek far below.
8. Having a printed handout of things to do after your tour.
9. From your congenial guide, personal attention to all your questions.
10. The feeling that you haven't missed anything important.

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