Touring the Grand Canyon

Can you tour Grand Canyon on your own?

Yes, anyone is allowed to visit any viewpoint, trail, or facility in the Grand Canyon. Some visitors plan to return but this time they are here simply to get a few initial impressions of the truly unexpected vastness. I read that one visitor from Japan "just wanted to be in the Canyon's presence."

People visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time tend to stand in awe, just gazing. But you want to know more--you want to understand. So you take a tour.

However, if this might be your only trip here, you deserve to have a guided experience with a fun and fully professional expert. You really will see things you would have missed. And if it is a Canyon Dave Tour, especially a full day Ultimate Tour, you will understand how the Grand Canyon came to be.

Secret #4: Ten Things You Might Miss On Your Own

Can you tour Grand Canyon on your own?
  • The feeling that you haven't missed anything important.
  • All the best viewpoints along the South Rim.
  • The fun of being with your guide and other guests.
  • Having a guide to point out far-away features like Phantom Ranch and the Colorado River.
  • Personal attention from your expert guide, answering all your questions.

And on Canyon Dave Tours only

  • Learning first hand the fascinating geologic story. Canyon Dave is a Grand Canyon geologist and author.
  • Having a free colorful record of what you have learned, to take home.
  • Examining rock specimens (and maybe taking some home) to learn the geology of the Grand Canyon.
  • Having a printed handout of "Things to Do After Your Tour."
  • Using provided binoculars or telescope to spy distant hikers, mule trains and ancient ruins.

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  Professor "Canyon Dave" Thayer has written two books: Grand Canyon Geology and Grand Canyon Fossils, and also many articles on Grand Canyon topics. He personally teaches his tour guides.

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