Cities Near Grand Canyon

What if you want a Grand Canyon tour not from far-away Las Vegas or Phoenix? Where will you stay during your visit?

If the Grand Canyon National Park hotels are full, there are wonderful towns near Grand Canyon for your lodging.

Stay in Sedona

2 Hours to Grand Canyon

Cathedral Rock on tours from Sedona

  With great scenery and tourist attractions, Sedona is the high-end gorgeous town of Arizona. Of the towns near Grand Canyon, Sedona is farthest away, about two hours. However, it is truly among the most beautiful cities in America. There is epic scenery and hiking, world-class shopping, great resorts and restaurants, and comparatively warmer climate. What is Sedona Like?

Stay in Flagstaff

1.5 Hours to Grand Canyon

San Francisco Peaks on Grand Canyon tours from Flagstaff

  Flagstaff is the largest of the cities near Grand Canyon, with Northern Arizona University. Amenities are diverse, including many hotels, restaurants, cultural activities and outdoor opportunities. Flagstaff is a wonderful city surrounded by ponderosa pine forests, many trails, and the highest mountains in Arizona, the San Francisco Peaks. What is Flagstaff Like?

Stay in Williams

45 Minutes to Grand Canyon

Gateway to Williams | Grand Canyon Tours from Williams

  Williams is tiny and has beautiful lakes and cheaper (but very nice) hotels and BnB's. There are a few good restaurants, too. It is about 45 minutes from Grand Canyon. You will enjoy the small-town events, like the funny cowboy shoot-outs each summer evening. Williams is a famous Route 66 stop. Bearizona is a wonderful drive-thru wildlife park with many animals. What is Williams Like?

Stay at Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Tours from Grand Canyon   Grand Canyon has limited hotel and campground space inside and outside the park. Inside hotels are run by Xanterra and Delaware North, Grand Canyon consessionaires accustomed to busy crowds, rustic hotels, and spotty service. Outside hotels are in Tusayan, 15 minutes from the South Rim and more modern. Book six months to a year in advance. What are Grand Canyon Hotels Like?

Stay in Campgrounds

1/2 to 2 Hours to Grand Canyon

The KOA on Highway 64

  Our favorite nearby campground is the KOA on highway 64, just north of Williams, AZ. From here you can access all the beautiful scenery and activities near Williams. Kaibab Lake is very close. You might enjoy the wonderful Bearizona drive-through and zoo. There is a fun Canyon Coaster that all ages of "kids" will enjoy. Williams restaurants are quite nice, too. What are local campgrounds like?

  Use these city and town descriptions to decide where to stay. Phoenix and Las Vegas are probably too far away. Sedona has great scenery and tourist activities. Flagstaff is the largest city (70,000) and has a university. Williams is tiny and has beautiful lakes and Bearizona. Grand Canyon has hotels within the National Park and very nice additional lodging just outside the park in the village of Tusayan.

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