About Local Campgrounds
and RV Parks

  Canyon Dave's Ultimate and Private tours can begin and end in area campgrounds or RV parks. This includes the campgrounds within the park, in Tusayan, and along the road to Grand Canyon.

  There are numerous activities for campers in and around the Grand Canyon and gateway cities. These include two different KOA's near Williams, so try not to get us confused about where to pick you up.

  There is a classy new Glamping lodging opportunity in fancy tents near Valle (Grand Canyon Junction).

Ultimate Tour from Camps and RV Parks

Grand Canyon tours from Williams az

  Our Grand Canyon Tours from area campgrounds include the favorite Grand Canyon viewpoints. The full day Ultimate Tour also features lunch (included) at a Grand Canyon restaurant.

  The drive to the Canyon passes many interesting volcanoes. We will see forests of Ponderosa Pine, and possible sightings of pronghorn antelope. The antelope is Arizona's most beautiful hoofed animal (unless you are fond of cows). Canyon Dave Tours specializes in orchestrated but not memorized geology and wildlife discussions.

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  Join us for an unforgettable tour of the Grand Canyon South Rim! Our wonderful guides will take you on a journey through the breathtaking landscape, sharing stories and insights about the history and geology of this natural wonder.

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  Professor "Canyon Dave" Thayer has written two books, published by the Grand Canyon Association: Grand Canyon Geology and Grand Canyon Fossils, and also many articles on Grand Canyon topics. He personally teaches his tour guides.

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