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A Cartoon History

How Canyon Dave Tours Started

A cartoon of Canyon Dave

Canyon Dave was a geology professor and museum curator.

People looking at a red rock

He attended and led some wonderful tours and field trips.

Van full of happy people

The fun started the minute everybody got in the van and started talking at once.

People checking out a roadside flower

They would make spontaneous stops for wildlife, nice views and strange rocks or plants.

Photographing a lizard

Everyone wanted to see and learn everything and take tons of pictures.

Bags of fossils and minerals

The guide would pass out handouts, minerals, and other cool things to study.

Guide explaining what the guests see

At a viewpoint there would be an interesting sit down talk by an educated authority.

Close up of a butterfly

Then everyone would walk around looking at everything, with expert commentary.

Guests having lunch

Dave would scout out the very best restaurants.

Driving around the bend

Around the bend to lots more destinations! And, finally, a relaxing trip back home.

Canyon Dave is sad

Dave found no tour like this for the public. You had to be a student or museum member.

Everyone happy to have the perfect tour

So, Dave started Canyon Dave Tours! The same wondrous field trips 362 days per year!

To reserve your tour, call our Canyon Dave tour specialist today! He is loaded with Grand Canyon information and has the best bookings and prices. Bookings fill early, especially for March thru October.

Planning and booking: 877-845-3283.

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